Bookstore Instructions

How does it work?

The booksale enables LSS members to buy and sell second hand law books through an online database. Similar to Monash Marketplace, however exclusively for Law textbooks and Law students, so you're more likely to find exactly what you're looking for. 

How do I sell a book?

Once you have your keyring number (and have registered it on the LSS’ website), you can visit the sell books tab to enter the details of your books and potential buyers can then contact you by email.

We recommend a starting price of 20% below Legibook price for an ‘as new’ book, plus further reductions for any damage, noting, not current edition etc.

Click here to list a book.

How do I remove a book listing?

LSS users can delete their advertisment by clicking on the book's title (accessible from the bookstore home page) and selecting edit from the top menu. Clicking on the red delete button will permanently remove the book from the store.


How do I buy a book?

The book store can be found here.

Where can I exchange a book?

Anywhere you like! The LSS is happy for you to use our brand new tearoom (next to the LSS office) for the exchange of the books themselves.

Anything else?

Please contact Jialing Chen at [email protected] if you have any further questions.